USF Fund Transferred to Treasury – How It Impacts Contributors and Beneficiaries!

Be advised that the federal Universal Service Fund (USF) has transferred to the U.S. Treasury. 

Important changes for contributors include: 

  • The USAC April 2018 invoice (due May 15, 2018) may be paid using your current payment process or E-File.
  • The USAC May 2018 invoice (due June 15, 2018) must be paid using E-File.
  • Beginning with the May 2018 invoice (due June 15, 2018), USAC will no longer accept checks or wire transfers.
  • There are video tutorials on the USAC website and scheduled USAC training webinars to help contributors learn about the new payment system. 

There are no changes for USF Beneficiaries.  Disbursements will come from the U.S. Treasury, will continue to be made via ACH transfers, and will continue to be identified as coming from USAC.  

Additional information about the transfer can be found here: USF Transfer.

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