Calendar Year 2018 Estimated De Minimis Threshold Released for FCC Form 499-A

FCC Form 499 filers be advised that USAC recently released the Calendar Year 2018 estimated de minimis threshold.  According to USAC, filers that report less than $62,655.75 of combined interstate and international telecommunications revenue (Line 423, columns (d) and (e)) on the 2018 FCC Form 499-A will likely be considered de minimis for Calendar Year 2018.

As we move to the close of the calendar year, FCC Form 499-A filers should keep the estimated threshold in mind.  This is particularly true for filers who originally anticipated being de minimis but now determine they may exceed the estimated de minimis threshold.  Such filers will be assessed true up charges by USAC on their July 2019, August 2019, and September 2019 invoices.  In addition, resellers who are no longer de minimis will need to notify their underlying carriers of their non de minimis status so that their underlying carriers can adjust their own 2018 FCC Form 499-A reporting and make any necessary internal billing adjustments.

Additional information regarding the announcement can be found here: Estimated De Minimis Threshold Announcement.

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