Social Media and Technology Consultation

Bradley Berkland Hagen & Herbst, LLC, helps local governments, non-profits, and businesses harness online technology and multimedia.

Services for Government Entities:
Limiting Liability, Open Meetings & Records

Local governments and their agents are in a special position when it comes to interacting with the public. Bradley Berkland Hagen & Herbst, LLC, can assist in assessing how new technologies affect existing duties. We can help address legal and logistical challenges related to government use of new technology and new media. Bradley Berkland Hagen & Herbst, LLC, advises state actors on their rights and obligations in:

  • Protecting free expression in online and offline public fora
  • Complying with data accessibility (open records and retention) requirements
  • Addressing open meetings laws
  • Contracting with third-parties for communications tools

Entities that are required to hold open meetings and provide public access to records may face new challenges when conducting themselves online. Bradley Berkland Hagen & Herbst, LLC, can help apply existing rules to new media to ensure compliance and reliable public access.

Services for Government, Non-Profits and Business:
Social Media and Technology Policy Creation

Any organization that uses social media to communicate to the public or its members should have a policy for responsible and effective social media use. Bradley Berkland Hagen & Herbst, LLC, provides concrete recommendations for using social media to best address internal and external concerns.

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