Cable and Telecommunications Franchise Administration

Bradley Law, LLC serves both as the cable administrator and legal counsel for cable television franchising authorities. We have experienced staff dedicated to assist municipalities in cable and telecommunications regulation. By engaging Bradley Law as cable administrator and legal counsel, franchising authorities significantly reduce their costs. We have extensive experience in the administration of cable television franchising authorities.

The duties that Bradley Law can be assigned as franchise administrator for a City include:

  • Monitors Franchise Compliance
  • Monitors Rates
  • Handles Customer Questions and Complaints
  • Communicates Directly with the Franchisee
  • Certifies Senior Discounts
  • Resides over Meetings
  • Administers City Activities Between Meetings
  • Assists with Budget Preparation
  • Communicates Regularly with City Staffs and Council Persons
  • Carries Out All of the day-to-day Cable Administrative Functions of the City

Project Examples

City of Renton, Washington: In September, 2005, Bradley Law was awarded a contract with the City of Renton, Washington to provide the City with cable television and telecommunications management and advisory assistance as well as to assist the City with its Comcast cable franchise renewal. Such cable television and telecommunication management services include: consumer protection and complaints; senior citizen/disabled person discounts; ordinance compliance; compliance with state and federal rules and regulations; maintaining bond and insurance documents and submitting annual cable operator compliance reports. Bradley Law will assist the City with the following tasks as part of its cable franchise renewal process: develop a cable franchise renewal strategy, conduct a cable franchise compliance audit, negotiate the cable franchise and handle all legal aspects of the City’s cable franchise renewal process with Comcast.

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