Administration of Non-Profit Entities

Bradley Berkland Hagen & Herbst (“B&H”) is one of the few firms capable of managing the legal, legislative, and administrative business of non-profit organizations. B&G has helped organizations to advance their objectives and vindicate their rights in all manner of settings. B&G has an experienced staff dedicated to assist regulatory bodies and non-profit entities in serving their members, affiliates and clients. Mr. Bradley, Mr. Hagen and Mr. Herbst have extensive experience working in regulated industries, with local governments and non-profits companies. Our professionals understand the legislative process and how to run effective meetings.

B&G works to bring government affairs, legal, and administrative services to organizations at a reasonable cost. We work closely with an organization’s professionals to develop clear goals and a realistic budget. By focusing on organization and planning, B&G has returned valuable results at considerable savings.

B&G has extensive experience in the administration of franchising authorities. Working with authorities, B&G has drafted, implemented, and executed the regulation of communications companies such as Comcast and Time Warner Cable. By administering much of the franchising regulation ourselves, B&G has enabled governments to save taxpayer resources or re-direct such resources to other concerns. In our nationally recognized capacity as administrator B&G has prepared agendas and budgets, handled daily communications and overseen the work of organization staff.

We invite you to contact us to discover the ways that B&G can assist your organization in meeting its legal, legislative and administrative objectives.

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