Originally published October 3, 2013.

An old saying for folks living on the East Side of St. Paul is “once an East Sider always an East Sider.” It’s still true today. Although I haven’t lived on St. Paul’s east side for over 20 years, I still identify with it. I guess I’ll always be an East Sider.

The East Side has always been a tough side of town. The people are a no nonsense type of people. You don’t get away with having fancy airs about you. But it has also been a place to raise families and a place that cares about its community. A place that takes care of its own. I don’t think that has changed.

But on the night of August 10, 2013 something terrible happened on the East Side. That night, Ray Widstrand, went out to walk his dog. He never got home.

As Ray walked toward a group of people, he was struck in the head so hard that he became unconscious. That was the first blow. After that the group took turns kicking and hitting Ray – mostly in the head. He was then stripped out of his clothes – still unconscious. Robbed. Left for dead.

Incredibly, Ray survived. But he suffered brutal brain injuries. He now has a long road of recovery ahead. He did nothing wrong. All he was doing was walking his dog. There was no reason for theattack.

Ray and his family need help. Ray’s friends have put together a fundraiser. It is being held this Saturday, October 5, 2013 at the Goodrich Golf Dome. This is the dome over by Aldrich Arena. The event is called Putts Fore Ray. It is meant to be a fun event. Miniature Golf, music, food, silent auction.

Please consider helping in any way that you can. There has also been a fund set up called Ray’s Fund. You can drop donations off at any Wells Fargo. East Siders, Ray needs our help. We are participating. I hope you will too.

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