VA Disability Appeals

As a United States veteran, you have made huge sacrifices in order to maintain safety and security for the rest of the American population. In the aftermath of such sacrifice, you deserve to be compensated for any ensuing medical care. Unfortunately, obtaining such compensation can be a long and arduous process, particularly if claims are denied. If you or a loved one has been denied VA benefits, do not hesitate to reach out to Bradley Berkland Hagen & Herbst, LLC. There, you will receive the legal support you need during this difficult time.

Qualifying for VA Benefits

Today’s vets deal with numerous medical conditions, many of which leave them eligible for VA benefits. These include post-traumatic stress disorder, exposure to Agent Orange, traumatic brain injury, limb amputation, and spinal cord injuries, among others. If you have experienced these or other conditions, you may be eligible for medical compensation. Working with a VA disability lawyer will greatly enhance the likelihood of obtaining benefits, especially if you have already been denied. Feel free to get in touch with Bradley Berkland Hagen & Herbst, LLC to determine whether you qualify for benefits, and, if so, the best path to securing the compensation you deserve.

Attorney Tom Hagen

Tom Hagen has a long and impressive background in law and in the military. During his time with the Minnesota Army National Guard, he completed three overseas deployments, including two tours in Iraq. Currently a Lieutenant Colonel, he is passionate about the intersection of law and veteran issues. He boasts a thorough understanding of all facets of veterans law, enhanced by nearly two decades of practicing in Minnesota and his work with the United States Senate and the Minnesota Department of Commerce. Additionally, he was a two-term mayor of Waseca and is currently a member of the Fifth Judicial District Veterans Court. His thorough understanding of the VA and the legal landscape in Minnesota makes him the ideal advocate for those struggling to obtain the benefits they deserve.

Attorney Michael Bradley

Mike served 8 years in the Minnesota Army National Guard in the Judge Advocate General Corps.  While a JAG officer, he completed Officer Basic and Officer Advanced Courses, which included classes at the JAG school at the University of Virginia.  He served as Trial Counsel, Defense Counsel, Troop Command Counsel, Chief of Claims, and Chief of Legal Assistance.

After serving as a military lawyer in the Minnesota Army National Guard, Mike created and was the initial Chairperson of the Military Affairs Committee at the Minnesota State Bar Association.  The Military Affairs Committee immediately became the largest committee of the MSBA.  During military deployments in the mid-2000s, commencing with Bosnia and Kosovo and later Iraq and Afghanistan, Mike helped to create the largest pro bono outreach program of the bar by starting a pro bono program to assist soldier and soldier families in need during deployments. The Military Affairs Committee was subsequently converted to a Section of the MSBA and Mike served on its initial leadership council. This service to veterans through the Military Affairs Committee and Section has been among the most rewarding experiences that he has experienced as a lawyer.

A Legal Resource For Military Veterans Across the Country

Whether you are currently looking to file a claim for VA benefits or have already been denied, you can count on Bradley Berkland Hagen & Herbst, LLC for support. The Twin Cities law firm is known for its veteran-based legal services throughout the country. Feel free to reach out to Bradley Berkland Hagen & Herbst, LLC to learn how a VA disability lawyer can help you obtain the benefits to which you are entitled.

Fee Disclosure

Our office provides professional legal services to Veterans when they have been denied disability compensation benefits by the US Department of Veterans Affairs. Our fee is contingent on a successful appeal of those denials. This will be discussed in more detail in our retainer fee agreement once we agree to undertake your representation. Veteran benefit appeal services are also offered at no cost by county veteran service officers under Minnesota Statutes Sections 197.603 and 197.604.

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